California dreamin’ and Phoenix living

Heading to California to “pick up”my Green card, was an opportunity not to be squandered. Whilst I didn’t ACTUALLY “pick up”my Green card, I managed to get a bit of site seeing in, some family time, and set up some roots in the form of bank accounts etc. Continue reading “California dreamin’ and Phoenix living”

Athens, the final destination

img_6461Athens was the final destination on our two month extravaganza that was winter in Europe, 2017.  Having managed to find our way to Athens we were not too sure what to expect.  We were foretold of a country on the brink of bankruptcy, suggestions of a Grexit before the year was out, and riots being held on a semi regular timeframe – regardless of whether any of this is true or not, we LOVED Athens. Continue reading “Athens, the final destination”