India here we come (travellers belly not welcome)

Well, we are packed, and ready for our next adventure. We have been fortunate to be invited to our friends wedding in Bangalore.  IMG_0795This is going to be a semi traditional wedding held over a couple of days, and I have been informed that feasting will be abound.  This also means that we won’t be able to control what we eat or how it is prepared…and I am terrified of getting Delhi Belly (travelers diarrhea). 

If it is inevitable, do I try and get it early and get it “over and done with” and hope that my stomach is able to deal with whatever comes my way after that, or try and ensure that I didn’t get it before the wedding and end up creating difficulty in an unknown environment because I didn’t feel well.

None of the options sounded good.  A colleague of mine recommended stocking up on Imodium and electrolytes to support recovery, and this sounded sensible.

However, regardless of having a “cure” available I want to travel with freedom, eat like a local, enjoy whatever is out in front of me, and enable myself to be adventurous in food as well as in travel.  So I have researched … And found a couple of contenders:

  1. Ethical Nutrients Travel Bug – one tablet a day 5 days before travel, and then one each day of travel. Essentially a probiotic, working to create healthy gut bacteria.
  2. Packing Antibiotics to help reduce severity of symptoms (just to be clear, I have already discounted this … It’s less prevention and more cure, and seems a bit heavy handed)
  3. Travelan – a tablet taken 3x a day with meals, based upon Bovine Colostrum Powder that essentially binds E. Coli and stops it from attaching to the intestinal  wall.

Based upon this TripAdvisor forum I chose to go with the Ethical Nutrients Travel Bug product, on the basis that it was one tablet a day, and I prefer to try and use the bodies natural defenses first.  Will let you know how it goes.


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