Bangalore palace

What I liked: It was very picturesque from the outside (although once you get out of the car, the security will ask you to not take photos – check out cost below)

What I didn’t like: It was actually kind of creepy filled with old hunting pictures, elephant feet foot stools, cow leg stools…final-6

Cost: RS 450 pp, plus RS 250 to use your iPhone to take pictures. Audio player was included in cost but required RS 2000 deposit, which we didn’t have, so didn’t use.

And for the rest…

By far and away the most expensive attraction we did. The outside was lovely, but the security quickly informed us no pics could be taken.

final-5We didn’t mind paying the RS 450 pp as I understand the upkeep of such a place must be significant. All in all value for money, I just found it difficult to fathom the colonial mindset and the view back then that the English were a better class of people. The exhibitions provided what was probably a reasonable understanding of the time and era, but it’s certainly not a “fun” attraction.


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