India, all about the food

I can’t post anything on Facebook or Instagram of our travels without at least once a day taking a picture of my food – I am one of THOSE people.


This post is all about the food, and unashamedly so.

“The Power of Food is really Spiritual.
It not only brings the whole family together on the same table, but also brings the whole world together.”
Vikas Khanna, Indian Chef

Prominent food available: Bangalore is very diverse with regard to the type of food available, and represents the multicultural aspects of this city, but always with a Bangalore twist.

Italian Chicken


Americana, Hard Rock Cafe


Pizza, with a chilli kick

The food is predominately vegetarian, and I would totally recommend getting one of their many types of Dosa, a great quick breakfast.

Paneer Dosa

Goa, we didn’t do significant exploring food wise, choosing to eat at our Hotel mainly, however Seafood is definitely the main dish.

Calamari Salad, and Caprice Salad

Food Hack: The green dot and the red dot … Bangalore food is predominately Vegetarian, and India has created a system to help people know if the food is Vegetarian or includes meat … had no idea this existed when we arrived, and thought it initially denoted spiciness

Green dot: Vegetarian; Red dot: Meat

Recommendations: EAT EVERYTHING – it is delicious, and it is not in the slightest scary! I am not fabulous with hot food, however I found 99% of the food tolerable and interesting.
In Goa, get stuck into the seafood, it is without a doubt, delicious!

What you get when you just point at the menu


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