Upgrade me?

We are heading to Hobart in a couple of weekends (for 4 days of whiskey tasting and cheese platters #nomnom).  And as per usual received the “you can bid for an upgrade” email.  This always gets my hedonistic, slightly self entitled self salivating …. Ah, business class …

However, quickly I wake up to the harsh cold reality – for a 1 1/4 hour flight, do I need priority luggage (we are planning on doing carry on only); do I need lounge access (hold Air NZ membership card which is an affiliated Airline, so get access); do I need food from a Luke Mangan designed menu (had to google that); do I need access to movies and Tv (books, check, iPad, check) and do I require leather seats (I ain’t got anything here… Really do I?).

So what is the purpose of these emails? Is there really any saving?

I have never done it, but I think back to the times I was offered an upgrade on budget airlines, and on reflection that wouldn’t have been a bad idea. And maybe, if I could get a deal, a long haul flight with Emrites or similar might be good.  But for a flight just over an hour, on a mid level airline, is it really worth it?

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