Piece of home in Melbourne

The Melbourne Immigration Museum recently hosted The “Aotearoa Fest”, and I just had to go along!

I am a pretty proud Kiwi at the best of times, but being able to stand in line to get Hangi whilst talking about past holidays in Golden Bay was just choice!


Food wise I was in heaven!  I think for the first time I realised that the kiwi offering to multicultural cuisine seems a little on the less glamorous side, but let me tell you … there aint nothing like a Hangi!!

And I bought Lolly Cake to take home for the beloved, ate a homemade Mellow Puff, and managed to just miss out on Fresh Up and L&P – stink!


I think I felt just that little bit more nostalgic than normal – we are still finalising our visa application to see if we can maybe move to USA to work for a few years – and this was obvious by the time I spent behind the camera rather than just absorbing it all.  Still, the first leg of our trip has us heading homeward bound, so I am now just more amped up at the concept of hanging with family and friends in the Waikato.


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