Alien Registration complete…

Its with joy that we have completed our first step in potentially getting a Green Card.  Since winning the lottery over a month ago, we have only just finalised our application for a visa under the Diversity Visa AKA the Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application (DS-260).


It is apparent, that despite high levels of excitement, we were not cut out for the extreme level of detail required.  Specifically, the requirement to list ALL addresses we have resided in since turning 16.  For a rather mobile society like New Zealand this was a big ask, not only to recall exactly where I was living at any one time, but also the address and duration!  Coupled with the fact that the page timed out after twenty minutes, and you couldn’t save the page you were on unless you were able to account for the last 24 years with no more than one month gap between residents – general hysteria abound.

The beloved found a good hack however, being that if you can recall general areas, you can always use street view in Google Maps to have a bit of a peruse and narrow down exact address details. I was able to find another hack to ensure you had time to enter all data without loosing everything (and your mind) when it timed out – essentially last resident you enter you enter the dates to incorporate the remainder of the years (till you were 16), save, and then enter next address.

Man that wasted precious brain cells, and I was truly unsure we would actually complete the documents.

Then after answering some other pretty normal questions – of which being able to answer no to them made me feel like I was a pretty good person overall, we were done.  Next steps are we wait and hear back to see if we get an interview at Sydney Consulate, and take it from there.

Some of the questions I was pleased to answer with firm and unwavering “NO”

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