Christmas in Europe, a reasonable consolation prize

Life got interesting in the Kiwi Roamer household this week…We finalised our visa documents to start the process of getting a Green Card for the USA, and have had to make a quick and swift change to our USA holiday plans.

christmas-jena-germany-christmas-market-by-rene-s-on-wikimedia-org1You will recall we made a decision to head to the USA for my upcoming 40th birthday, and THEN “won” the Green Card Lottery.  This was a fantastic and unforeseen blessing for us, but since finalising our Green Card visa application, have been advised to seriously review our pre-planned booking to USA for my 40th – on the basis that it may appear to the USA government that we are looking to seek work prior to confirmation of any residency visa.

This may or may not be the case – the internet if full of very conflicting advice from those that should be in the know (Immigration lawyers) through to those that have gone through the process and swear one way, or the other.

On the basis that our USA trip was 95% refundable, we made the quick and swift decision to not go to USA for my 40th, on the very simple basis “it was better to be safe than sorry” – and if we get the opportunity to move there, or even if we don’t, we still have a kick ass itinerary!

Christmas in Europe is hardly a poor consolation prize, and I am sure we will manage just fine!

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