Barcelona – Sight seeking

archandbubblesBarcelona is a beautiful and picturesque city, and I had to show some serious restraint to not continuously take photos … obviously I had to walk from time to time!!!

So, here is a quick peek of what rocked my boat “Sight Seeking” wise in Barcelona – check out the upcoming post dedicated to doors (little known secret, I have a thing for a good door! And Barcelona had them in spades!)

We were incredibly lucky with our Airbnb selection, placing us right in the heart of the Gothic Quarter (just behind the main city square).  Everything we needed was right at our fingertips, and we just loved being able to see the city come alive when the “Barcelonians” are at their finest – between 7pm and 12am!  It was very well priced (approximately $45AUD a night) and while the bathroom and kitchen were a little tight, we would recommend as a launching pad for Barcelona!

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