Siena – under a Tuscan sun

giftshop2You may have picked up that we are trying to do this two month trip on a bit of a Shoestring Budget.  This has been a little difficult as the cities we have gone to first are the more expensive options within Europe, but the knowledge that we are heading East soon seems to counterweight these costs.

In Siena we didn’t do an Airbnb, rather we stayed at a guest house called Casa di Alfredo just outside the town walls.  It was a great little location, being about 15 minutes walk from the Siena Cathedral – that is assuming you don’t get lost through the windy streets.  Seriously, if I was an invading nation all those years ago, the wall would have been the least of my concerns!  However that being said, we loved being able to walk around Siena, get lost, rediscover our destination and get lost again.

Highlight for me would have been the Siena Cathedral.  We paid €8.00 each to explore the cathedral, the museum and the crypt.  In my view this was very reasonable, and was a great experience.


Further East I get into Europe, the harder it is for me to maintain my photo heavy posts, will update once back to crazy data capability 🙂


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