Sweden, in an hour

img_5256While in Copenhagen we decided to capitalise on its closeness with Sweden.  Unfortunately, on this trip we didn’t have enough time to head further north into Sweden and Norway, so we decided with our Global Eurail Pass we could grab a train and travel the 25 odd minutes from Copenhagen Airport to Malmo in Sweden for a brief visit. 

Due to budget constraints (we had already allocated $100AUD to public Transport, and we reasonably couldn’t afford more) we had a small window to get to Sweden and back to our Airbnb before our Public Transport ticket expired (needed to be back by 2.56pm!).  Coupled with the fact that as the sun doesn’t rise until well past 8am, we are currently not the earliest of risers – so we arrived in Malmo in time for lunch and a quick walk around before we needed to be back on the train to Copenhagen – one hour in total!

Being from an Island Nation, our excitement that we can just jump on a train and head into a new country has not yet lost its glean – add to this the most awesome and bodacious Tunnel/Bridge combo between Denmark and Copenhagen we were possibly more excited about the train trip than we were the destination!

We arrived in Malmo, and found pretty quickly that, like many other parts of Europe, you needed to pay to use the toilet, and we only had Danish Kroner not Swedish Kroner, so our plans changed ever so slightly to include heading to a pub for a glass of bubbles paid for on the Amex so we could use the facilities.  This left us about half an hour for a quick walk, and some lunch – and from what I could ascertain, we need to go to Sweden for longer than an hour, and for more than just a glass of bubbles and a picnic lunch 🙂

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