About Kiwi Roamer

Some may call it anal-retentive…

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.17.46 PM

… However, I am at peace that I am a bit of an over-planning-control-freak when it comes to travel.  I positively consume the internet months in advance of any travel I take, whether it be big or small – I use TripAdvisor, Google recommendations, travel blogs, search engines and word of mouth to ensure I have a reasonable understanding of not just the basic “what is the cleanliness of the hotel” or “how do I get from the airport to my hotel” but the “what is considered rude to do” and “how and where do I ensure I have internet”.

But that is not always published on line, so this blog is to fill a bit of a void that I find in all of these forums around some of the more localised aspects, from a kiwi girl context.

About me

Ko Phi Phi Leh beach, Thailand, where The Beach was filmed
I am a kiwi lass who has packed up her bags, two fluffy puppies and a beloved, and is currently living in Melbourne – however we are looking for our next place to move to, so every location is a potential home in the making.


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