Piece of home in Melbourne

The Melbourne Immigration Museum recently hosted The “Aotearoa Fest”, and I just had to go along!

I am a pretty proud Kiwi at the best of times, but being able to stand in line to get Hangi whilst talking about past holidays in Golden Bay was just choice!


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Hobart, Whiskey and nostalgia

Tasmania is our second to last place we needed to tick off the “been to Australia and saw…” list.

img_8107We spent 4 days in Hobart, and only an hours direct flight from Melbourne.  Such a beautiful little city, and unfortunately the cliché is true – it is very much like New Zealand.

Not necessarily in the ways I anticipated, so for the first day I was driving around saying “really …like NZ?”, but what becomes evident very shortly is the population difference – small little villages dot the cost line around to Port Jackson, and it is a region that seems to rely significantly on tourism – kinda like NZ. Continue reading “Hobart, Whiskey and nostalgia”