A global hiatus from roaming – 2 years and counting

Kirsty wearing a mask, to protect from Covid
My Meo mask – initial mask of choice

This post doesn’t need a significant amount of time focused on context setting – where I once roamed, alas I do not anymore! There will be more domestic trips in the future, as wanderlust is not just for exploring overseas, and lets face it Australia is big enough to warrant some time roaming its shores!

Also, there is the small sea change coming in relating to the environmental impacts of my travel, so I will also be taking air travel a bit more into consideration – a hard thing to do for one so used to just going.

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe, well and finding peace in all that is going on around us!

Piece of home in Melbourne

The Melbourne Immigration Museum recently hosted The “Aotearoa Fest”, and I just had to go along!

I am a pretty proud Kiwi at the best of times, but being able to stand in line to get Hangi whilst talking about past holidays in Golden Bay was just choice!


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