“Mr Gorbachev, tear down that wall”

A segment of the wall

I vividly remember November 1989, I was in form two (12 years old) in Mr Brock’s class at St Peters School in Cambridge, and we watched on television (of course not live) the events in Berlin as the Wall “came down”.  So, it is no surprise that one of the first things I did when we arrived in Berlin was check out the key aspects of this event, and the historical landmarks that led up to this event. Continue reading ““Mr Gorbachev, tear down that wall””

Soundtrack for Berlin to Copenhagen – Spotify Collaboration


Berlin to Copenhagen is a bit of a trip, we are starting at around 5.30am tomorrow morning with a 7am train leaving Berlin.  We change trains at Hamburg around 9am, and if I have planned this correctly, we will have a portion of our trip with the train being shunted onto a ferry for a few hours!  Again, any recommendations are gratefully and warmly welcomed 🙂

This one is a bit of an eclectic mix, with some new, but mostly “old” in the mix.

Soundtrack for Prague to Berlin – Spotify Collaboration

prague-to-berlinTrain is due to leave 10.30am Prague time to Berlin – train trip all up is about 4hours, so please feel free to follow the link below and head to my Spotify mix for this trip.  Please add any songs you feel I should hear on this trip!

Currently its a little 1989 Classic Rock heavy -I can’t help that, I am off to see where the wall was!!