Christmas Markets

One of the Christmas Markets in Barcelona

One of the joys of traveling through Europe is the Christmas Markets.  This is where you can get pretty much anything you need to deck your house out for Christmas, and is abundant in local tradition.  Generally speaking there is a festive and joyful buzz as local artisans show off their wares, and more often than not the market is well catered with local delicacies, and some sort of warming alcoholic liquid.

In a rather impromptu moment, we decided that for our own Christmas tree we would get an item from each Christmas Market – preferably related to the local custom.  This blog post is a snapshot of that journey. Continue reading “Christmas Markets”

Genève – in less than 48 hours

img_2184I can’t say that we have “done” Geneva, but we damn well made sure we saw as much as our legs could take!  By the end of the day, our feet were so painfully sore I had to hobble around our Airbnb to cook dinner.

We were in luck however, with our whistle stop trip corresponding to that of the highlight of the Geneve calendar, L’Escalade festival. Continue reading “Genève – in less than 48 hours”