Tibidabo in Photos – Barcelona

At an elevation of 512 meters, Tibidabo hosts a Basilica and an amusement park, and is the tallest mountain in the Serra de Collserola mountain range.  The views are simply breathtaking, and seeing it during a clear winters day at sun down is magical!


Park Güell – Barcelona

One of the must do’s in Barcelona is pretty much anything Gaudi (Antoni Gaudi), and you may be forgiven for forgetting that Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali spent any time in Barcelona at all – ok, thats no fair, they are all favoured children of Barcelona, but Gaudi is the favourite child amongst them all!!!img_1329

Essentially, Eusebi Güell commissioned Antoni Gaudi to create a residential park estate for the well-to-do in Barcelona, however it never really took off.  What eventuated was a number of structures set over a large parkland that defy the imagination.  Dr. Seuss and his myriad of characters would be well at home in these parklands. Continue reading “Park Güell – Barcelona”