Phuket – Magic in Thailand

What I liked: Pretty much everything, for some reason I just clicked with Phuket.  The food, the people, the massages … it was glorious.

 What I didn’t like: It took awhile to figure out how to deal with the street hawkers, and there are a fair number of them – some are quite pushy and you feel compelled to go in and look at their wares.

What I wish I had known before I got there: Not to convert Thai Bhat in your head when determining how much to tip … THB 20 is actually a very respectable amount to tip. Continue reading “Phuket – Magic in Thailand”

To ride or not to ride?

Ethical treatment of animals is something I am keen on – and I was torn between the experience of riding an elephant, and the potential of tacitly endorsing mistreatment of animals.

Kisses from Rosie

Many many forums exist, with varying views on this subject, so it was with care that we chose to use Kok Chang Safari Elephant Trekking for our Elephant ride.

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