Three days in a not so leaky boat

img_6073We had one mission – Amsterdam to Athens AKA 2,869kms.

We needed to do it “quickly” but also within the bounds of our Eurail pass, which meant land travel was already paid for, and a significant portion of our sea pass was paid for – to put this in context, at the time we were looking the cheapest flights from Amsterdam to Athens as just over €400 for the both of us – our trip cost us around €260. Continue reading “Three days in a not so leaky boat”

Doha Visa requirements

For many countries entry into Doha requires a visa.  There are two types, a transit visa (for visits between 5 and 96 hours) or a single-entry visa valid for one month.

visa-application-status-changevisa-application-no-181116r58380-copyThe transit visa is free to travellers that are transiting through Qatar via Qatar airlines. This has been implemented in a bid to start promoting Qatar as a reasonable transit hub, and to boost tourism of the region.

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Carry On – the essentials

I have done my time as that person that took a 25kg suitcase where ever she went – to be honest I never used most of the stuff, and it was difficult to carry a suitcase (or even two…) and get around independently and not feeling like a nuff-nuff.carryon-fluids

I think it was the India trip where I managed to settle on the right balance – and actually managed to pack for a two week trip in just my carry on.  However I learnt a rather important rule, which is that some of the more obvious items you may pack require check in, and it was this flight that I found out that because I had packed my fold up umbrella that my bag needed to be checked in.  Lesson learnt! Continue reading “Carry On – the essentials”