Currency exchange tips

I was – naively – of the view that in Europe we would be using the Euro as our main form of currency. Already we have noticed that while the Euro is able to be used pretty much anywhere, it holds a similar status to the US Dollar – in that it is accepted, however the “exchange rate” when using the Euro versus the local currency does not make our AUD go as far as we would like.xrates-500x314

On this basis, we are making the call to use local currency when available, however this does lend itself to the issue of how to obtain multiple currencies, in far smaller parcels, without loosing out on each exchange.

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How to get around Europe?

Europe is a “big place” – certainly as far as size of continent goes it isn’t the biggest place on earth, however there are a fair number of countries squeezed in there.  So when we started to think about where we wanted to go, we realised quickly that our dream list of cities are spread across a reasonable distance.

The refined wish list – colour coded of course

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Getting mission ready

There are a number of items that your average-not a skier-usually prefers beaches-antipodean does not hold in their possession when considering going to Europe for Christmas, specifically:

  1. Good boots that can deal with snow/wet slushy conditions
  2. The best all purpose jacket (one that can keep you warm, dry and act as a wind breaker)
  3. Ways to keep hands warm but still able to use devices

Today, I managed to resolve issues one and two.


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