Do I need cancellation Insurance?

And does comprehensive cancellation insurance counterweight the decision to take the cheaper alternative flight and cover off any financial loss I may incur from not being able to attend work? img_8130

Short answer – no…. I estimate one day of lost wages removes any financial benefit I might gain from the cheaper flights. Therefore I am going to continue to take my more “expensive” option and incidentally access to the bubbles in airport lounge!

I am a complete airline snob… I tend to pay a little more than the average person when I am booking short duration trips.  I have always used the excuse that the airlines I use tend to us have the least number of cancellations and I won’t miss work, however today over a post-gastronomic haze, this view of mine was challenged. Continue reading “Do I need cancellation Insurance?”

Heading home via KUL

I will be posting a blog soon about airports (can’t get more exciting than that), Goa (OK, maybe you can) and general travel goodness – but currently we are in KL midway between our Bangalore -Melbourne And due to a great sale (*disclaimer this may be in bad taste*) the recent 12 months for Malaysia Airlines meant that flying business class for a run-of-the-mill-economy-traveller such as me became quite attainable. And so too did sitting in “Gold lounges” drinking champagne a eating beyond measure.

However, not wanting to burst any bubbles, all the people here seem just like you and me, and with more and more Airports having showering facilities, free internet, great food (at a reasonable price) I do wonder at the value of lounges, and I would be interested in any thoughts?!? Continue reading “Heading home via KUL”