Christmas Markets

One of the Christmas Markets in Barcelona

One of the joys of traveling through Europe is the Christmas Markets.  This is where you can get pretty much anything you need to deck your house out for Christmas, and is abundant in local tradition.  Generally speaking there is a festive and joyful buzz as local artisans show off their wares, and more often than not the market is well catered with local delicacies, and some sort of warming alcoholic liquid.

In a rather impromptu moment, we decided that for our own Christmas tree we would get an item from each Christmas Market – preferably related to the local custom.  This blog post is a snapshot of that journey. Continue reading “Christmas Markets”

Budapest, Christmas 2016

img_3626We all are aware that we went to Budapest for my Birthday, but coincidentally we were there for Christmas also.  We were only in Budapest for five nights, and from about 2pm on the 24th until at least the 27th Budapest is pretty much closed.  With us leaving early on the 28th, we didn’t get out and about as much as we may have liked, but we still managed to pack a bit in!

Continue reading “Budapest, Christmas 2016”

Barcelona – Sight seeking

archandbubblesBarcelona is a beautiful and picturesque city, and I had to show some serious restraint to not continuously take photos … obviously I had to walk from time to time!!!

So, here is a quick peek of what rocked my boat “Sight Seeking” wise in Barcelona – check out the upcoming post dedicated to doors (little known secret, I have a thing for a good door! And Barcelona had them in spades!) Continue reading “Barcelona – Sight seeking”