NZ, you little beauty!

My father just turned 70, and we came back to NZ to celebrate this milestone with Family and Friends.

The trip had us arrive in Auckland, travel to rural Te Awamutu and then on to Whitianga for the weekend.img_9757

I think I have been in Melbourne just long enough that on this visit it was like I was seeing all these places for the first time – and the tourists to NZ are right – this is an amazingly beautiful country!  Just driving from Te Awamutu to Whitianga had me wanting to stop at every corner to take a photo of the lush landscape and awesome vistas (as each corner was almost an Instagram moment, I was pretty active on my postings, so check out my Instagram for the trip in pictures). Continue reading “NZ, you little beauty!”

Animals abound in India 

Everything you heard about India is true (OK, our validation test only includes Bangalore and Goa, but I think it’s a norm). There are cows, chickens, cats, dogs and more cows roaming freely (and hopefully happily) any which

At one stage in a busy street in Bangalore we went past a herd of cows (around 6) walking down the median line of New Bel road – and this is a BUSY road. Drivers either honk, or wait, but all go around and attempt not to disturb.


The dogs and cats may well as not exist. It’s not to say that people here don’t care about them, it’s just not overt. The stray dogs rule the night working in packs to seek the edible parts of the rubbish that is piled high. Continue reading “Animals abound in India “