München – Munich for a week

Street art at our Metro stop

We found ourselves in a situation where we had done our time in Italy (for this trip anyway), and we had about 6 nights to get to Budapest for Christmas and Birthday celebrations.  Using the Eurail app, we found a number of potential options, and ended up deciding to go to Munich.  Normally a city that tourists descend upon during October for the famous Octoberfest, we weren’t too sure what to expect outside of this event. Continue reading “München – Munich for a week”

How to get around Europe?

Europe is a “big place” – certainly as far as size of continent goes it isn’t the biggest place on earth, however there are a fair number of countries squeezed in there.  So when we started to think about where we wanted to go, we realised quickly that our dream list of cities are spread across a reasonable distance.

The refined wish list – colour coded of course

Continue reading “How to get around Europe?”