Budapest – the revised 40th Birthday location

So, thats settled, the beloved and I will be celebrating my 40th (and subsequently Christmas) in Budapest.  WICKED!!

your-going-to-budapestFor most of this trip we will be looking to use Airbnb for our accommodation – and I am currently working to a budget of less than $100AUD a night – our Budapest digs are coming in at $21AUD per person including fees and taxes.

I am ashamed to say that I knew very little about Budapest before we started to investigate places to go to in Europe – in fact … I didn’t even know that there is Buda and then across the river Pest *shame*.   Continue reading “Budapest – the revised 40th Birthday location”

Christmas in Europe, a reasonable consolation prize

Life got interesting in the Kiwi Roamer household this week…We finalised our visa documents to start the process of getting a Green Card for the USA, and have had to make a quick and swift change to our USA holiday plans.

christmas-jena-germany-christmas-market-by-rene-s-on-wikimedia-org1You will recall we made a decision to head to the USA for my upcoming 40th birthday, and THEN “won” the Green Card Lottery.  This was a fantastic and unforeseen blessing for us, but since finalising our Green Card visa application, have been advised to seriously review our pre-planned booking to USA for my 40th – on the basis that it may appear to the USA government that we are looking to seek work prior to confirmation of any residency visa. Continue reading “Christmas in Europe, a reasonable consolation prize”