India, all about the food

I can’t post anything on Facebook or Instagram of our travels without at least once a day taking a picture of my food – I am one of THOSE people.


This post is all about the food, and unashamedly so.

“The Power of Food is really Spiritual.
It not only brings the whole family together on the same table, but also brings the whole world together.”
Vikas Khanna, Indian Chef

Prominent food available: Bangalore is very diverse with regard to the type of food available, and represents the multicultural aspects of this city, but always with a Bangalore twist. Continue reading “India, all about the food”

Bangalore, a city of contradictions 

Key takeaways 

What I liked: Once I realised that a smile and a hello went a long way here – people were amazingly friendly and compassionate towards each other.

What I didn’t like: The rubbish and the smell – sometimes it was just a bit too much. The noise was a close second, but I did end up getting used to

What I wish I had known before I got there: To turn Roaming on before I left Australia. Internet is hard to come by – you can’t just buy a SIM card, and wifi tends to be restricted to people with Indian phone numbers.

Best hack: UBER is awesome! They turn up almost instantaneously, are cheaper than taxis and autos (rickshaws), and you can use the app to break through the language barrier

And for the rest… Continue reading “Bangalore, a city of contradictions “