Doha Visa requirements

For many countries entry into Doha requires a visa.  There are two types, a transit visa (for visits between 5 and 96 hours) or a single-entry visa valid for one month.

visa-application-status-changevisa-application-no-181116r58380-copyThe transit visa is free to travellers that are transiting through Qatar via Qatar airlines. This has been implemented in a bid to start promoting Qatar as a reasonable transit hub, and to boost tourism of the region.

You need to apply for the visa at least 7 days before arriving in Qatar.  We had some difficulty with the beloved’s application, as the Qatar authorities require a high resolution scan of the passport (not a photo) and the NZ passport has a number of security features to ensure you are unable to get a clean scan.  However, that being said, they accepted my documentation, and I was issued a transit visa.

The beloved received his visa on arrival directly at immigration. A one month visa was provided upon payment of 100 QAR, and the best way to pay for this is via credit card (they do have cash facilities however there is a fee to use cash and this is done prior to reaching the immigration counter).


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